Monday, August 17, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Break Free

It was a bold choice. At the time, it was the talk of every tabloid and gossip columnist. It all took place before social media and not even that many online gossip blogs. Still though, it got the attention of everyone. That is how powerful the statement was. It was self inflicted but wasn't just a moment of I want to do this to make a change to my looks, but doing it to be able to break free from being controlled. This actress was being controlled. Every part of her life was being managed and planned out for her. The hit television series was first and then they had multiple movies lined up where she would essentially play the same character as in the show. They then saw her doing more adult roles. They wanted her in some sex scenes, also to keep her under their control. Never know when the extra footage may leak. They had a decade of her life all planned out. She didn't want that. She tried telling them she didn't want that, but they peer pressured/shamed her to keep on track. She was A list. The show was a hit for a very new almost network. She was one of the faces of this network. She was tired of it. So, she made the change. She says it was the greatest relief. There was no more pressure. There was a ton of blow back but she realized it was from people she didn't care about anyway. She got to do things her way and pick the projects she wanted. It was a long struggle. The decision had repercussions. Works was hard to come by at first, but eventually she got it and managed to get back to A list on television too. On her own terms.

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