Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Eggs

It has been quite some time since this person popped on to my radar. She is foreign born. She started off as a singer and then moved into hosting and judging on reality television. Always someone who was difficult to work with, she has always been backed by cartels. Being involved with certain high level members of the cartel made sure she would get played on the radio and prime commercial endorsements even when she was clearly not the right person. It was because of those connections that she treated everyone in the business like they were dirt. She knew they would be forced to hire her and pay her fee regardless of how she treated them.

Then, her biggest protector got arrested and her career began to fall apart. Her husband left her because she was being passed around by cartel leaders looking to fill the vacuum of the arrested leader. To prove her loyalty, the group made the singer/host use her private jet to help smuggle drugs. On one trip she delivered 200 kilos of coke in cascarones. There were hundreds of dozens of the hollowed out shells. It became her trademark way of smuggling until she finally proved that loyalty. Now, she lives off the largesse of the cartels and has a tough time getting work because their influence doesn't extend to media all that much any longer. No one wants to work with her after years of abuse.

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