Friday, August 21, 2020

Four For Friday - Murder in New England III: The Bad Seed And The Tapes

If you ever wanted to do a sequel to the movie The Bad Seed as in The Bad Seed II:The Teenage Years,you could just use this girl's bio as a guide.

When we first meet the bad seed, she is mostly a happy girl. She is a waitress, so she has more money in her pocket than most girls her age. She is a gun moll for the gang, the coolest guys around. She has a crush on the cute boy in the gang. He is a gay lover to another member of the gang. Our bad seed just feels this is only a passing phase and he will turn to her eventually.The bad seed has only one problem. She needs some driving experience to get a driver's license. She would solve that problem in a unique way. The Bad Seed had a run in with the law. She learned that a cute face can let you get away with some things. Instead of looking at jail bars, she is in a rehabilitation program. All states have these programs. Many are helped by this  type of program while others like the Bad Seed and rapist use this time to plan future crimes.

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