Friday, October 09, 2020

Four For Friday - Another One

In the past I have spoken about some very disturbing issues as it relates to the acts of this A list mostly movie actor. His actions have caused him to have to sell his soul even more and sell off assets to make sure his reputation doesn't take a hit and affect his income. One of the people who digs into his past the most is a person he used to have a relationship with. She almost went down because of his actions, so she is a crusader in bringing him to justice. 

The latest thing she learned he was involved in also happened in a country outside the US. Most, if not all happen outside the US where he can throw out his money and fame and get away with things. Prior to them being a couple he was caught up in one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country when it comes to the abuse of kids, tweens and teens. It also involved filming them engaged in sex acts with each other and adults. In the very first police report, the name of the actor pops up. It also showed up in some investigation notes, three days into the case. The name never shows up again. It went poof. When the ex asked some questions, she was told the right people were arrested and convicted and that the actor's name being mentioned twice was the figment of the imagination of the accused. Yeah, they just randomly decided to use that name twice.

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