Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The New NXIVM

Even though the leaders of NXIVM are looking forward to jail, it doesn't mean there are not others out there looking to take their best shot at being a sex cult leader. There is one out there who, from his various websites, looks like he has taken multiple approaches. Rather than NXIVM's route of motivation classes, this particular group are using theatre classes and workshops and experimental theatre and willingness to be nude in all of it to find their recruits. The wannabe leader of it appears to be one of those people who probably talks about his craft all the time and is a jack of all trades in the theatre business to talk a lot of talk. For sure, he is not shy about telling even dates he meets online about his desire to be a sex cult leader. He brags about random oral sex he gets from recruits and how he gets rich people to invest in his crazy theatre ideas while he pockets most of it and uses the rest to make avant-garde theatre crap with his recruits. Did I mention he is bff with a celebrity psychologist/hypnotist. Sounds like that good come in handy for the sex cult.

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