Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Overdose

Except for hiding the personal information of the victim and adding a description for the rapist, I have left this in the tipster's own words.

I need to report a celebrity rapist and I have no means of doing it safely. If you publish this please withhold the victim’s name (I am only including it in this anonymous email to emphasize the validity of this story and that I am telling the truth) but you can include location details so as to strike fear in this celebrity. I also want this man outed. He has blood on his hands and is still an active threat.

My friend (an offspring of someone in the industry) overdosed almost a year ago. She had been doing good for a while but around 5 years ago she started towards a downward spiral again. I attribute that decline largely to a violent rape at the hands of former A- list child actor turned A- list adult actor.

You can publish the exact details of what transpired. This is how she told it to me and I do not want her story to die with her.

She was enjoying a meal at Ollie’s Duck & Dive at the Point Dume shopping complex in Malibu, CA and had a few drinks. This is where she met the actor, who got her very drunk to a point of incapacitation (possibly drugged?) and left the restaurant with her. He put her in his car (I believe she said it was either an SUV, Escalade, or truck, I don’t remember) and took her to a cave somewhere in the Point Dume area (probably around Little Dume beach). There, he proceeded to violently rape her. If I recall correctly, he left her there, and when she came to she immediately called me and asked to come over. She had sobered up by that point and told me the entire story while visibly shaken and chain smoking.

I debated sharing this after her death but I weighed my options and the risk seemed too high. But now time has passed. And I am not afraid because I am willing to testify to all of this in court and she had other friends she told the exact same story in the immediate aftermath. I have also recently found out that he has kids not much younger than her who went to the same high school she did, which makes this all the more disgusting.

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