Thursday, October 15, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England - Part 3B

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The widow had a happy marriage. The only problem is that the neighbors did complain about the many loud parties the couple had.  This was not one of those nights.

    The Bad Seed (7) knew the husband (1) would be out of town on a business trip. It was time to act. The Bad Seed and the rapist (6) appeared late at night when they knew the widow (3) would be tired. Since the widow knew the two, she thought it was an emergency and opened the door and let them in. They overpowered the widow. This was not hard. The Rapist is tall for his age, and the Bad Seed is broad shouldered. The rape scene in the movie "Good luck, Miss Wycoff" was horrifying. This was probably more horrible. I wonder if the Bad Seed was a fluffer. Maybe the Rapist could focus enough to achieve an erection and penetration but without an ejaculation. In some states that is enough for rape and others it is not. Without an ejaculation it is hard to prove rape unless there is a witness. The only witness is the Bad Seed. She would say the sex was consensual and that the widow seduced the Rapist. If the widow reported this, it would be enough for her to lose her job, destroy her marriage and destroy her reputation. No doubt the Bad Seed spelled this all out before they left. The widow was blackmailed into submission. The two criminals got what they wanted. The Rapist would skip school early. He hated being around women and would spend the time stoned. The widow was forced to mark him present. The Bad Seed got to practice driving the widow's car. This was not without problems. The Bad Seed was stopped by the police a few times. They knew her and her age and her criminal background. The Bad Seed had the right license to drive and she was not forbidden by court orders from driving. The police considered this legal but unusual. Later it would be considered proof that the widow can  manipulate innocent youth.

       Before digital cameras, you had to develop film at a film shop. These film developers knew all the secrets of the community. One of these developers showed some pictures to the mother of the Rapist. These were the pictures that the prosecution claimed she used to "Seduce" the rapist. The widow never knew the Rapist saw these photos until the trial. The mom was interested in what was in the background. With a woman's eye she could see the jewelry and determine their value. The Bad Seed confirmed this. These two women were obsessed about this. They nagged the boys into doing this. Like weak males everywhere, they gave in to their nagging woman. The gang made one attempt, but the husband was home. The gang learned that insurance salesmen have irregular hours. They can be home anytime. Then the Killer demanded that he have a firearm. He was on parole for nearly beating his step father to death. He did not intend to go back to prison. If stopped, he would shoot it out with the police. The Bad Seed knew someone who had a gun in their car. She ordered the boys to break into the car. They did and found nothing. Then the creep's (10) father gave him a firearm.

       The Bad Seed learned that the widow would be attending a school board meeting while the husband had a sales call. She informed the Rapist and ordered him to do it that night or else. If she had said nothing, there would not have been a murder.

       They blotched a simple job. The husband came home early, and he was murdered. The boys could have been arrested hours later, but the Bad Seed covered up. She played a major role in delaying her arrest. If the Creep and the Rapist had not blabbed so much, they could have gotten away with murder.

       Like most police, they believe that career criminals would never exaggerate, mislead or misinform them to create an image that would make the criminal look powerful. They were convinced that the widow was the greatest evil ever. They bugged her home and phone. The police were surprised that she was not marshalling her army of horny teenage boys to take over the world. They needed to prod the Widow. Who would be better for the job than the Bad Seed who inspired, planned and covered up the crime?

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