Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Murder In New England - The Aftermath

The first part can be found here.

Once again, I have left it in the tipster's own words, but did some light editing because English is not their first language.

Despite the case being almost three decades old, most people do not know the details of the crime and aftermath. This is a shame. It is one of the most important legal cases in decades, but the media either refuses or does not understand this case.

      It is true that criminals will lie. It is also true that criminals will tell the truth. Criminals will only say what will make them look big, mean and tough..

      There were four boys(and one girl) involved in this murder. The girl (7), leader (9) and shooter (8) kept their mouths shut. The Rapist (6) and (10) whom I will call The Creep bragged. The Rapist would tell friends that the widow seduced him to kill her husband because he is big and tough and could get the job done. The Creep bragged openly that he was paid by the widow to kill her husband because he is big and tough and can get the job done. He never met the widow and was in the car.To understand this person, think of the creepy guy at high school. That's him. Think of the type of guy that a crack whore, desperate for a fix, would turn down.

       Like all heater cases this had a hot line. People reported the bragging of these two characters. Now the police believed that the widow caused her husband's death. Despite the evidence against it, the police never wavered in their belief. They knew many of these teens had spent time behind bars, but still believed that they were innocent until seduced by the widow.

      A few days after the murder, the gang recovered enough to go back to doing what they do best - robbing warehouses filled with electronic items. They needed extra people, so they brought along (14) and told him about the murders. (14) informed the police. Since (14) was not part of the planning and cover up, there was much he did not know. The police did not believe him at first. Then the leader of the gang went to the police and sang like a canary, The only problem was the gang leader insisted it was planned as a burglary, and the husband came in at the wrong time. While the older gay lover (the shooter) carried the firearm into the car and excitedly talked about how much fun it was to kill a man, the gang leader had to admit he did not see the shooting and could not confirm who did the shooting.

        The next step was to talk to the rapist (6). This was not the first time he was in the prison system. He knew the rules, Don't lie to the detective, don't argue with him, and agree with everything he says. The rapist was surprised that he was not charged with rape. The police gave him a better alibi- She seduced him! The detective said that the widow seduced him into  killing her husband. The rapist agreed.  Only big tough guys are asked to kill someone. The detective never asked if the rapist gay lover shot the husband. This made the rapist a stand up guy who did not squeal.  The rapist would have to serve a few years in the juvenile system. He did not mind. Like all criminals, he found prison to be more fun than school.  Best of all he would get away from all the annoying women in his life. In a few years, he would be released. and his criminal record erased.

    While the state saw the rapist as a man of integrity and respect, they knew the general public would despise him for being the criminal he was. For the state, they needed more to convict the widow. They turned to the woman who made the decision to end the husband's life.

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