Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Blind Item #2 - Crazy Blind Item Continues

This tipster didn't identify if it was our actor or not, so this could be just some random person who has a fish fetish.

dear entlawyer.

i am reading your website for two years. excuse my english please as i am not native speaker. i am living in usa california for five years now but am from beijing. your 'blind item' made me remind me of what i saw in my beijing supermarket bhg many years ago.

i worked at fresh meat counter of bhg supermarket in beijing which was next to fresh seafood counter. one day maybe in 2013 or maybe 2014 i see man go to seafood fresh fish counter and order one fish. he had two black clothes men by his sides and had sunglasses over his eyes. he spend many minutes looking at fish selection and then he order one complete fish called pompano.

i did not see what he say to fish counter staff worker but i see him walking away from fish counter with fish not wrapped. but fish was raw so i do not think he would eat it then. at closing my superior says there is pompano in bathroom rubbish bin. i tell her what i see and superior says she see the same the day prior.

also my peer who works later shift inform me that strange man return to supermarket in the evening and purchase pig trotters (pig feet). he put every package of pig feet in shopping cart and then become distressed when my friend says there are no more.

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