Friday, December 11, 2020

Four For Friday - Crazy

It is that time of year. Beginning on Monday and through Reveal Day on January 1st, I will be posting Reader Photos in Random Photos. If you would like yours to be included, email it to

#1 - For over eight decades this studio has not released extended footage of this permanent A+ list movie, because it does show a death that has long been speculated, but never proven.

#2 - The theory is that this A+ list movie character predated an iconic television character. The truth is that they occurred simultaneously when the writer of a movie and the creator of this five decade long television show got drunk together and talked about their craziest ideas.

#3 - This alliterate flash in the pan A list actress had her bathtub used as a toilet by crew on a movie because they hated her so much.

#4 - This three named actor recently showed off the tattoo he has like all other actors that have slept with the mogul to get parts and to show loyalty to the mogul. It is two letters. GB.

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