Monday, December 07, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Crown Affair

This isn't very long, I just found it really curious and wonder if there is something or someone behind the scenes that made this happen. It definitely isn't the first time there was someone behind the scenes when it comes to this man. So, what we have is a foreign born celebrity. At her peak she was A- list, but it was a 15 minutes/flash in the pan A- list thing. She made her fame by being a mistress. She milked that 15 minutes for a good solid two-three years. Amazing what having an affair with a high profile celebrity will bring you. Fast forward a decade and she moved to a different country got married and somehow managed to finagle into the network/friends of a very important royal in that country. That royal is married and his choice of spouse was met with bewilderment at the time, but was the result of a honeypot scenario he fell into. Now, he is hooking up with this mistress of mistresses and one wonders if it is sex or way more. It could be oil interests like last time. Don't let that word oil send you in a crazy direction.

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