Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Today's Blind Items - Wag The Tail

Ask this permanent A++ list golfer about any one of the women he hooked up with over the years ad he has an astonishing memory for details. Ask him about the woman he slept with in this SE Asian country and he doesn't remember a thing. You can even tell him the month and year it happened, and he can't recall. You can tell him the name of the woman and he will say his memory is foggy from that time in his life. The woman was murdered and our athlete had nothing to do with it. But he knows the story and knows what happened to her and her link to the Prime Minster of the country. He knows that her name is often brought up in association with not only shady deals she helped facilitate for the Prime Minister and his deputy, but also using those same skills to find investors for projects. She was a master at getting men to sleep with her. She is also a missing link between co-conspirators of the famous missing flight and the government that killed her. 

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