Thursday, December 10, 2020

Today's Blind Items - On The Road

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I have known this musician a long time. He is in a band that reached its peak (A/A- list) a couple of decades ago. Some hits for sure and all of you would know the songs if you heard them played. Marriages and long term relationships are hard for him because he is always looking for someone new and someone exciting. As he has got older, the women he is attracted to have become younger and younger. When he is on the road, he is known for not asking how old someone is and because he is in and out of a town so fast and has a common name and is hard to pull out of a lineup because he looks like any aging guitarist who used to be kind of famous. The only question he ever asks is do you know how to drive. Not, if you are old enough to drive, but if you know how. He then branches off from that question, depending on the answer received. He either gives a lesson or asks them to prove it. In either case he gets them alone and he doesn't usually listen to no. 

Since the pandemic, and he has been forced to be near home, his only way of meeting new women who will be attracted to him is through a weekly event he hosts. He lives in a state that allows that type of thing and over the past couple of months he has started to become even more aggressive with women he meets and there was even a police report taken about a sexual assault in the parking lots of the club where he was working. The woman decided to drop the charges. About ten days ago, he sexually assaulted another girl when he groped her and tried to force her to perform oral sex on him. That got him kicked out of the gig he had been hosting for years and the father of the girl threatening to kill the musician. No police report for that one. 

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