Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Blind Item #1

This band has existed for years and is still releasing new material. They do not associate themselves with any one genre but are closely associated with two particular genres which peaked in popularity several decades ago. They have operated a revolving door lineup since their foundation but a couple of members have remained constant. These members are related. One of them was noted for their distinctive, mildly controversial appearance. They are US based but are far more popular in Europe, where they maintain a cult following to this day.

One of the band's most devoted followers is the foreign born permanent A- singer. The singer has been vocal about the band's influence on him and has even been namechecked by the band in one of their songs. He was a teenager at the time of their peak in his home country and like many teenagers, he followed the band up and down the country. However, he took his obsession one step further by sneaking into restaurants the band had been eating in and collecting their uneaten leftovers to preserve at home.

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