Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Good Times

 Back in the days of the perfection between gossip and reporting and paps, there was a glorious weekend. A weekend that saw this former A list singer in a group (#1) hook up with this just turned 17 year old (six weeks earlier) former B+ list actress (#2) who happened to be a co-star of the singer's girlfriend (#3), who at that time, was still not having sex with him. It saw this at the time A+ list singer (#4) try to have a threesome with his at the time A+ list actress girlfriend (#5) and one of her best friends, but the A+ list singer couldn't get hard because he was too nervous. Also that weekend, you had the foreign born B+ list actress (#6) from the north who had to fend off the advances of this at the time A- list mostly television actor (#7) who had an actress girlfriend (#8) who turned 18 just a few days earlier. She was also doing a lot of coke and boozing that weekend so the actor thought he could get away with hitting on the foreign born actress, but was unsuccessful.

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