Thursday, January 07, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Dorm

I will say this from the outset. The fact this A list business person was able to start an entire company again from scratch and exceed the original in revenue is amazing. It doesn't change the fact he lost his original company because he sexually abused multiple employees and was paying settlement after settlement. That is also excluding all the "models" he coerced into taking pictures and doing things they didn't want to.

Fast forward a few years and his new company. For some people in his company, he provides them hotel rooms when they come to town for work. For any women who come to town, he tells them they have to stay in his house which is a unique home. It is also a home where you can scream as loud as you like and no one will ever hear you. If you don't agree to stay at his house, then you probably won't have a job when you get back to your home city. There is no one to reign him in this time, so he is letting loose.

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