Friday, January 08, 2021

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

#1 - During the shooting of a music video a decade ago, this A- list singer who moonlights as an actor was wasted on drugs and sexually assaulted this, at the time 14 year old who is now a B+ list actress, most well known for being a lead on a couple season show that ended not that long ago.

#2 - While touring Mexico a couple of decades ago, this permanent A++ list guitarist beat a groupie nearly to death after she refused to orally service him.

#3 - This former A+ list singer in an A+ list group used to out students in a southern University if they wouldn't sleep with him when he wanted them too.

#4 - A very hard one for you. This first wave A- list band who uses two words and combines them into one which is not actually a word used to find female groupies who had their boyfriend with them. They would get the guy drunk until he passed out and then tie him up. When he would wake up, he would be watching one or all of the members of the band having sex with his girlfriend.

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