Sunday, January 31, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind

The police have quietly reopened their investigation into a murder that took place decades ago. The reason for this was an episode a couple years ago of  a show that doesn’t appear on TV which cast some doubt on the official version of what happened.

The victim was the son of a C list actor. Also present was his roommate the well known member of  a band who later had his own band and now is more of an actor and host. 

There is no conspiracy here. The events happened as the bandmember/actor/host told the police. What he left out was the real motive. It wasn’t robbery which is what he told the police the motive was. This was a homophobic hate crime. The son of the actor and the bandmember/host/actor were lovers.  The bandmember/host/actor is widely known to be gay but still in the closet to this day and won’t publicly admit it.  That’s why the two gunmen didn’t really steal anything . They only shouted anti-gay slurs and shot the son of the actor.

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