Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Bad Things Happen To Good People

This often married, former A+/A list athlete/entertainer in his corner of the world was driving his girlfriend to work when he heard what he thought was an argument next to his vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, he saw two men trying to restrain a woman as they were raping her. Without hesitation, he grabbed both men off her, and started fighting with them.. As he was able to get the woman free from her attackers, he felt a burning sensation in his neck. He thought originally it was a cut stemming from a punch. He was wrong. He had been shot three times in the neck. After months and months of rehab, he was supposed to return to his sport. He was scheduled to, but failed to appear.

He then dropped off the face of the Earth. Family, friends, and all his ex-wives had no information as to his whereabouts. Furthermore, due to the fact that he missed the funerals of two of his good friends and the funeral of his mentor some speculated that he may have died. 

Five years later, he was found alive and well and with another wife. He said he disappeared because, after being shot, he became addicted to methamphetamine and was homeless for a few years. 

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