Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind - Kindness

This deceased personality who would be very recognizable to people who grew up at a certain point especially college students, used a name given to him by the show he was on that starred a permanent A+ comic/host.  When the show moved to a different network, he used his real name but played the same role.

He was already an old man when he became successful and before his role on the show, he worked at, among others, at a drug rehab center and with the homeless.  At one point, he worked for a program to give low cost pharmaceuticals to  poor people.  He always did a lot of volunteer work for the disadvantaged 

After he became successful, he liked to go to a public place every Sunday with a couple friends and provide lunch to homeless people. 

His empathy was due to his experience. He had been briefly kicked out of his home as a young man due to the fact he was gay.  Yes, he was gay and not in the closet. He never made any attempt to hide this.

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