Monday, February 01, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Grifting The Fans

Except for a little light editing, I left this in the words of the tipster. They are not happy.

This person used to be in a UK Indie band back in the noughties.  The band might have gotten to B list in the UK at the time and were certainly known in Japan, USA and Australia.  Their 2nd album was produced by a big name American producer.  Things all went very wrong by the 3rd album and they split after it.  No, this isn't anything to do with The Libertines, but we are talking about one those 'The' named bands.  A one off reunion gig was announced last year to take place in 2021. The person in question has worked day jobs since the band split and not liked it.  This person has been interacting heavily with fans for several months now and have just started a Patreon page asking fans for money. This person has stated they have no intention of doing their day job any longer.

I know it’s not very exciting but I’m really angry about it as I was one of their fans and I can’t believe the cheek of this guy.  He’s trying to get at the moment £700 a month and once he gets it, I expect the amount will go higher.  Telling the fans they need to reimburse him for the money he spent buying equipment to do podcasts, for his time tweeting fans, for him as his job (gardening) is seasonal and he doesn’t work at this time of year, to buy him new lighting etc.  Sounds like Corey Feldman!  Today he posted f**k  gardening and he’s not doing that anymore.  Hitting up his old fans for cash.  I think it’s morally wrong.

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