Monday, March 15, 2021

Today's Blind Items - He Died

 He barely snagged a one paragraph obituary, but the death of this architect is a big one. For all of his adult life, he would tell people when asked about his job, would reply, "I work for the government." That is all you need to say in big government towns like Washington D.C. for people to not ask a followup, such as, "Where?" It is code for something top secret. It used to mean CIA, but these days could be any type of secret government organization. He was recruited out of college and designed offices/buildings/stash houses and so much more, all in secret, for the government. From time to time, he also did other things. One of those things is more massive than anything else. It consumed well over a decade of his life in the actual building, and the rest of his life was consumed with hiding. For many years, he was in charge of building a structure which is one of the biggest in the world. Oh, he wasn't in charge of the above ground stuff. He was in charge of the below ground stuff. He also came up with the ideas of what to tell the press each step of the way when there was a "failure," in the structure, or something that didn't work right. It was also his idea for the name of the company that built it, but had no idea someone would actually make a plaque with the name. He did it just to feed to reporters, so they would have no place to turn to for answers, because the company didn't actually exist. With so many governments wanting the secrets of what was beneath, he had to go into hiding for pretty much the remainder of his life. The only project he did afterwards was a one off at the request of this royal family in the Middle East who wanted something similar for their own private area of a public structure.  

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