Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Blind Item #2 - Reader Blind

You probably forgot about him- *that was the goal. But, you do know of him. This comedic actor was no less than A++ for  what one could sum up.. a good decade. He was in some of the most quotable movies -if you watched any of his sleeper hits; others, international box office, blockbuster gold, you laughed.

And you may have forgotten about him until maybe one of those silly movies appeared on your tv. And you can’t help but think, “hmm, he was really funny...whatever happened to him?”

Well, he’s popped up briefly and *nervously? or, just a bit  “different”/ bloated? and *less funny? from time to time, in press or shows - but never in too big of a way.

Some say he disappeared because he had a bad agent, others claim he had a scoundrel accountant who robbed him blind and gave him major tax issues. Many say he was hooked on drugs, couldn’t handle fame, gave too much money away to family, etc. etc. But, on occasion, he’s even claimed he found, *“religion”.

Well, if he ever wanted to make his potential in box office owed-money back, he should write a religious book or do a tell all interview about one, particularly infamous, wild, and crazy flight/ trip he took to another country and suddenly found, his “religion”.

(Or even a tell all about a belated eccentric/creepy  A+++ friend he was acquainted with, could be pretty interesting, too.)

But, there was a brief, yet *now somewhat famous/infamous trip where some extremely A+++ celebrities/ powers who were in attendance and misbehaving. So he saw much too much, then, knew too much, and there are claims he actually thought he witnessed  “THE Devil”.

Soon after this *trip, his life and career changed drastically.

He was “influenced” upon returning home. His Hollywood deals, canceled. Once he found this “religion”,  he disappeared quickly, almost completely from celebrity life, and has *mostly kept his mouth shut, ever since. He’s gone bankrupt. He did a few “safe” shows to make ends meet. He, to this day, is haunted, not only by what he saw, but also yearly by a federal/government agency.

He lives in a paranoid state and will never talk about the powers that he saw and/or what he/they did on the fateful trip for a now defunct, “charity”. He could and should be SO much richer than he is. He is a “haunted” man who, if can manage to *stay under the radar... may be able to survive, but will never thrive.

One power player who attended the trip is *dead. Another, *exposed but “in hiding” while sending out sporadic, coded, social media messages.

The *Other, *never mentioned in infamous story- but was present; also currently exposed; but highly protected by powerful family...still visits tiny country/island known for extreme underage trafficking.

The last attendee, *Main Man, is comfortably retired. Escaped exposure somewhat... certainly, no less powerful and in control of the fate of all infamous *survivors of *the trip.

At any minute, the ball could drop and this *under the radar comedic actor has evidence- THE nuclear ammo to sink those entities that haunt him.

But despite his *religion, he won’t.

He wants to live a life safely, for his family, and remain “under the radar”, for now.

He may have another streaming deal soon- it will probably fall through again. But if it doesn’t, it won’t be his style, or remotely “funny”. He, his money, and his donated ratings will remain,  *under the radar or else...

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