Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Today's Blind Items - St. Patrick's Day

My annual holding back items about all things Ireland until St. Patrick's Day.

#1 - This A list actress in Ireland is one of the top actresses there of all time. She is also closeted and just had her tenth anniversary with her partner. Our actress will never come out. She fears she would lose everything. 

#2 - This B+ list actress in Ireland recently ended a long run on a popular television show where she played a member of law enforcement. She is having an affair with a married politician who has been the leader of a party in Ireland.

#3 - This director is B- list in Ireland, despite being Oscar nominated. The director and their significant other are notorious for getting drama students drunk and then having sex with them.

#4 - This former B+ list child actor who doesn't really act much any longer, but is still really well known is having a relationship with a woman who stalked him for years. Apparently they are in love.

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