Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Winter Of Discontent

The title is much more dramatic than the actual blind. I just wanted to use it and realized it is almost spring, so now or never. Over the fall and winter, this A+ list mostly movie actor feels as if he were used, much the same way he uses the women who are not his wife. In his case, he feels used by those higher on the food chain. He has believed for many years that he was at the top of the food chain, especially because of his long long time partnership with this permanent A+ list director. The director made it clear to the actor in late January, that this was not the case. The actor had been promised nearly $100M for his participation in a public relations drive if you will. He did not get it, or anything close to it. He got nothing. He can't do anything though because if he says anything, people will know he was complicit. People will know he lied/exaggerated/embellished. The one thing he can do, is to expose the director. The director has a huge project coming soon and the actor can roll out the red carpet of misdeeds and sully the reputation the director has with the public. 

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