Monday, March 08, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Justice

With the previous DA in Los Angeles, celebrities and those with money didn't really have to worry about being prosecuted. It was thought that with the arrival of a new DA, things would change. They haven't. Take for example the death last month of a woman here in town. She was driving her car when a 17 year old kid slammed into her at 120 mph in his new Lambo. The speed limit there is about 40. Even though he is a minor, he must have been charged or arrested or something right? Nope. You see, his wife beating/social influencer father is really rich and tosses money around to politicians all the time. He has also spent a ton of money to make sure that when you Google his name, you can't see that he is such a tool or that he has any connection to the crash. He has bodyguards with him wherever he goes because people want justice. He laughs and mocks at the people because he knows he has money and nothing will happen to him or his son. I mean the guy posted all about a party he was hosting just this weekend. Lots of drinking. Maybe he and his son did a little father/son bonding after with another 120 mph joyride.

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