Sunday, April 18, 2021

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

Many years ago, these two actors had a fight on the set of a movie they were both in. Both are deceased now .

Actor #1, who was foreign born and Oscar winning Oscar nominated,  would have a A+ career but this would be the movie that would launch him. It was the first in a very long franchise that is still ongoing today.  Actor #2 had a secondary role in the film.  He would become much more successful later in the decade when he starred in a long running tv series which he also produced and that had a popular remake that just went off the air recently.  The character he played in this film would appear in other episodes of the franchise but different actor would be playing the role.

One night after drinking the two actor got into a bragging contest which led to a discussion of manhood size. Actor #1 was angered when he saw actor #2 was much more well endowed than him and a fist fight ensued. Actor #2 won that as well as he briefly knocked actor#1 unconscious.

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