Friday, April 30, 2021

Four For Friday - Transport

 Normally in this space on Friday's, I do some type of bad behavior item filled with multiple celebrities. This only features one celebrity that I have discovered so far, but there may be more to follow. It is definitely bad behavior. Abhorrent actually. It goes back a few years. I think all of us, including the media were snookered because we all only heard the version of events described to us by this foreign born actress. She isn't lying, but maybe she was told one thing or assumed one thing, but her appearance was just cover. One thing is certain is that over the last couple of years, this A lister made a deal with the new powers to be. The deal? Our A lister and one of his organizations tell young men in their home country they have found an ideal way to smuggle them into the US. They charge the men a fee, but not a large fee, just something to make it all seem legit. The men are then transported to Mexico and other Central American countries, have their passports taken away and begin paying off their fees by working for the cartels in various jobs. If they try to escape, they are killed. Our A lister receives a fee for each person transported through his organization. He has made tens of millions over the past few years arranging transport.

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