Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Running

This former wannabe A++ lister has been writing his memoirs for a few years. All of you know who he is. He has written other books, but this one really dives deep into a decade period of his life. One of his revelations is that he really got into running by dubious circumstances. Those circumstances were that his boss would use running as a cover for more nefarious activities. When he would go out on a solo run, he would often pair that with sex. So, to keep everyone on their toes, he would often invite the wannabe A++ lister and others on the days when he wasn't meeting with someone. It all looked like a daily habit that was banal and boring. Our wannabe A++ lister discovered the real reason he was being used as a decoy and put an end to running with his boss, but kept on doing it on his own and even ran some marathons. In his memoir he is going to share that story and it will be the first time he has really dropped the hammer on his former boss.

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