Thursday, April 29, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Hate

I think it is hard to imagine this former A list mostly movie actress having any hate towards anyone. After a movie career in her younger days, she is now getting a whole new generation discovering her on a streaming hit. She was once a tabloid sensation and dated a string of high profile actors and seemingly always came out at the wrong end of those relationships. Despite being with multiple guys who hit her and abused her and treated her like garbage, she truly hates one of those men. He didn't hit her. He did though verbally berate her and told her that she should always listen to him and look what happened to her in the past when she tried thinking for herself. He also treated her like crap and would regularly cheat on her. All of you know him. He is an A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has at least one franchise. At the time they were together, he was less popular than her. He was still getting to that A+ list level. He would wear her down with his whole listening to him shtick. He wanted to look like a big shot to some really rich friends and they were looking to get a new company off the ground and wanted investors. Our actor invested a tiny amount but got our actress to invest almost all of her money. When the investments went south and the rich friends made off with the money, our actor blamed the actress for the lack of success of the investment and essentially destroyed her and her income at a time when she couldn't afford it. He then dumped her for another woman.

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