Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

It was well above 100F in the San Fernando Valley. Not too pleasant to be wearing a dark suit and driving black Town Car. The driver picked up a costume designer in Burbank and dropped her off at the home of an A list actress in Sherman Oaks. The driver waited with the engine running and AC blasting, trying to stay cool. A few minutes later, the costume designer appeared with the actress. The statuesque movie/television actress had been a star for decades, and still had that sexy, sultry look that drove men crazy on and off the set. She invited the driver to come inside, insisting it was too hot to be outside. She led the driver into a library, “Take a look at the books,” the actress said and walked away. A housekeeper appeared with a glass of iced tea on a silver platter. The driver was left alone in the library, and it was quite extensive with all the contemporary favorites and many classics. The driver picked up one book by an A list author and inside was a personal signed note to the actress,  from the author. The driver felt a little weird seeing the note, and put the book away. He picked up another by another famous author, and it too was signed with a personal note, and then another, and another. All were signed with personal notes. The driver felt uncomfortable reading the notes, and just sat down with his iced tea. The actress has had her controversies over the years, but was a 100 percent class act in the driver’s mind.

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