Thursday, May 13, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Industry Plant

Lots of people misinterpret this term. It is essentially, hey lets make it look like this person came out of nowhere, when in reality we, the label or management have spent a ton of money to make this happen. This was going to be the idea behind this one hit wonder one named foreign born singer, but her backstory leaked, so everyone from the outset knew she had been groomed from her tween years to become a hit singer/songwriter. Who is the biggest of all time? The biggest current one is this foreign born A list singer who just showed up with a bang and some number one songs. She will tell you she grew up poor and struggled and blah blah blah, when in reality, she has been groomed for a decade. The most famous of all time though is this permanent A list foreign born singer who has one name. She had a great backstory and everyone in her family was in on it because they wanted in on the fame and money. She supposedly grew up poor and saved all her money and flew to the US and managed to have enough to hang on to until she was discovered and then had a bunch of hit songs. Nope. She was discovered a good six years before she says and was also willing to hook up with a whole bunch of guys to make fame happen.

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