Monday, June 21, 2021

Today's Bind Items - Freaky

One a few occasions I was lucky enough to hear a few stories from this former A+ list singer. He crashed and burned really hard, but while he was alive he lived every day like it was his last. One time we spoke for five minutes before he got up and left to go do some coke and have sex with a fan. Another time he spoke for a couple of hours uninterrupted where a flow of stories from his coked out years emerged. One story he told had me confronting the subject of his story just a few days later. She denied it, but was with one of her kids at the time, so, you know. His story checks out time wise. It is not like she was married at the time. Yes, she was dating her second husband, but it wasn't like they were married. I think it was the fling with the A+ lister that propelled her into a nice solid marriage. She is permanently A+ list and met our singer when he was hanging around her record label. He was partying with the wife and offspring of the label head and also doing some recording. One night, at the recording studio he offered her some coke. She RARELY did coke because she didn't want to ruin her innocent reputation. They did some and then did some more and then apparently had sex all over that recording studio all night. A one night stand for the ages.

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