Friday, July 16, 2021

Four For Friday - Strange Couplings

#1 - When this A- list dual threat actress used to date this A+ list mostly movie actor, they only ever had threesomes with other women. That way, our actress didn't have to have sex with the actor.

#2 - Speaking of threesomes, this A- list actress who is the offspring of a permanent A+ lister, had a threesome with her then actor boyfriend and his actor brother.

#3 - This foreign born Emmy winning actor pulled a gun on his then actress wife and her A+ list mostly movie actor lover. He had no idea they were in the house, let alone in the bed together.

#4 - This former late night actor says he couldn't handle dating this actress most recently seen in a long long long running sitcom, because she would be too rough on him during sex and he was scared to be alone with her.

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