Thursday, July 15, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Scramble

This country singer is A- list. She made it big at about the same time she was sleeping with the married head of this record label. People on Nashville were talking and she needed to do something quickly. She found a middling singer and essentially threw herself at him. She talked about love and marriage their first date and then they were a public couple, while behind the scenes she still was hooking up with label head. She kept pressuring the label head to divorce his wife and he wouldn't, so our singer married her boyfriend. Then, the label head dumped her and she dumped her husband. With no access to really good songs, she has been wooing another country singer who is also known for his writing. His fans have pressured him to stay away from her and so far it is working. She is really applying the full court press though because she needs new material and a new way to get more publicity.

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