Friday, September 10, 2021

Four For Friday - Friends Bad Behavior

All of them are about the people who were regulars or recurring on the show, and none of them involve Matthew Perry's drug use.

#1 - This three named A- list actress trashed the apartment where one of the stars lived. Why? He cheated on her with the star of a very popular horror franchise at the time.

#2 - One of the stars of the show blamed her coke addiction on this former A list musician who was fired for his drug use. 

#3 - If you ask this A- list mostly movie actress/Oscar stealer who was the second worst sexual partner she ever had, she would mention the star from the show who now likes to direct. He was rude, arrogant and angry that he was unable to perform.

#4 - This star split with the perpetually young A list actor because he didn't want to sit around every single night and drink wine and do bong hits. Every single night.

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