Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Hush Hush

Most of the time affairs would never make the big blind. They are far too common and generally not all that interesting. This is an exception to that general rule though, because of the sheer effort that went into keeping it a secret and the impact it had when certain people did discover it. It involved an at the time A+/A list mostly movie actress. She was one of the biggest stars on the planet. Even though this happened several decades ago, all of you know her. She doesn't work much today, but she hasn't worked much in the past couple of decades. She is an Oscar winner/nominee. At the time this occurred, she was married. This was not the only affair she was accused of having by her then husband. He said there were multiple men and she said he was a drug addict and he said they did a lot of drugs together. The husband was very careful not to name names of the men the actress has been sleeping with. His payout depended on her continuing to work.

The other participant in this affair was much less known. He was an indie director when they started hooking up. He was headed places, but at the time was just like every indie director ever. You get a film that people talk about, but it takes a few years before you get your big break and in the meantime you are hustling to make a living. Our actress paid for everything. Our actress paid for a lot of his projects, so he could keep working. They were together about 18 months or so and she financed a handful of things for him. When her husband discovered the affair and that she was spending all this money on the director, he got a nice big settlement for keeping his mouth shut. He did let a couple of people know, including the agent and manager for our actress. They freaked out. Not so much about having the affair, but who the other person was. They told her she had to break it off and never tell a soul about it. They gave her a deadline and if she didn't break it off, they would drop her as a client. So, our actress broke it off. 

If she hadn't broken it off, things in Hollywood would have looked a whole lot different now. It set off a chain of events that still makes news even today.

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