Thursday, September 09, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Casting Couch Horror

There was a movie that got a ton of press at the time it was released. It didn't get press because it was good, because it wasn't. It didn't get press because of the writer/actor/director who starred in it, because he is awful and an a-hole. It got press because of the content. Because of that content, the a-hole director had a great excuse to take auditions to at least an R rated level. He did so. Despite it being such a low budget film, he managed to get several A- listers to audition. Two of them were left shell shocked after their auditions. One of the actresses stars on a streaming show now, but at the time was in a big dry spell. She had a name that could sell tickets, but didn't work much. He got the actress naked and took lots of photos and shot video of her. He wanted to make sure she was "comfortable" with it all. He got naked too and then on film asked her dozens of questions about her sex life and sex in general. 

The other actress who was shell shocked actually ended up having sex with the a-hole. She said he lasted about 30 seconds. She too was photographed and recorded nude and had to answer questions about her sex life. She was mentioned briefly in a previous blind. Neither ended up getting the role. 

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