Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Birds

The idea was that this group of industry professionals was going to start a secret group. Because of course, they like to talk about their own importance, word has begun to leak. It started a few months after the first lockdown. Someone was shopping online and found an old bird beak mask for sale and decided to buy it. He showed it off to some of his friends. It had belonged to a doctor who had a family member back in the day wear something similar while treating patients during the plague. Soon, a few others had masks made which were similar and then a writer who is an Oscar winner and has been nominated for a different movie which is completely 180 from the one he won, wrote some rituals and rules for others to follow when they joined. The group is called Black Death. They use the beaks as sort of bongs to basically have a long hot box session right on their face. They have hired strippers to fellate the beaks and do other things with them too. The writer wants to have more dark rituals and not just have this be a club. The guy is dark. 

The other darkest member is this B- list actor who got his start in acting by having sex on screen. Sure, the director edited it, but the many underage characters were really having sex. He has been known to get a little carried away with beating some of the strippers/escorts past where they had agreed to go. If left to their own devices, the writer and actor would probably make this some type of death cult. In the actor's last movie which was very indie, he sexually assaulted his, at the time 16 year old co-star and she hasn't worked since. 

They both have tried to evict members who seem to want to be there just to get stoned and grope strippers. 

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