Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Today's Blind Items - We Have A Talker

 She says she was inspired by a co-star from the same show who came forward to discuss the abuse/harassment she faced from producers/executives and directors on the show. She says that she wants to make sure to point out that none of the crew ever did anything, but many of them knew what was going on, but for fear of losing their jobs, said nothing. She was 14 when she was given a one season recurring role on the show in question. Because she didn't say anything when they would grope her or touch her or look at her while she was half dressed, she got a big promotion. Not another show, but as part of a different project that assembled several male and female teens. She was about 15 or so when that first got off the ground. The project was one of several organized by a different studio specializing in tween and teen entertainment. It was also a breeding ground for predators such as television executives, but also music executives. She said that because the executives had so many different male or female teens to choose from in these projects and each project was more or less separated from the others as they worked, you could go days without anyone hassling you, unlike when you are on a television show. But, at the same time, when it did happen, it was much worse. You had nowhere to go and there were less people around. All of this led her to some serious issues that she has been dealing with now. Her project wasn't very successful and she left the industry for a few years to sort some things out. Now, she is happy and content with life and had a huge break this past year, but is willing to risk it, to tell the truth about what happened.

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