Friday, October 29, 2021

Blind Item #11 - Reader Blind

A book came out recently about this historical clash that occurred a couple centuries ago that has been the subject of several movies.   A number of the "facts" about this event were debunked and a number of truths often left out of the official narrative were revealed..  This led to some outcry and the forced cancellation of a promotional event in the area where the historical clash happened.   One thing though that was left out of the book is a lot of the scandalous personal details about a figure who played a key role.  This individual has had one of America's largest cities named after him and is much celebrated in history.  However, letters from his first wife whom he was only married to for a couple months before she ran back to her family shows that he was a cross dresser who liked to wear her petticoats and who sometimes liked to have sex with male farm staff.  He also consumed a lot of this drug which was popular in those days, so much so that a spy a rival planted on his staff said he was often completely out of his mind due to his overconsumption of this substance.

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