Thursday, October 28, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Trilogy

 Prior to the first installment of the new trilogy, the studio locked down a big secret and has kept it quiet now for several years. It nearly got out during an interview that was given by this long time actress (#1) who had a role in the trilogy and another prior to this set. She is an offspring of a celebrity and also has celebrity offspring. She would know more than anyone about the secret. She saw it happen first hand. 

Fans read the interview and would place bets on this A list mostly movie actor (#2) and this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (#3) in order to fulfill a gajillion fanfic fantasies but based on a few simple workings, it was more likely to be this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor (#4) and the offspring (#5) of the aforementioned actress. Several scenes were filmed with #1 present alongside #4 & #5, who have a similar age gap themselves.  No scenes existed with both #2 & #3 present alongside the OG characters.

Subsequently, both #4 & #5 were inexplicably left off attendances of the premieres for installments 2 and 3 of the new trilogy after having provided one of the best red carpet interviews in conjunction with #1.  #4 was absent from a premiere at which #5 was in attendance, whereas #5 was missing from the European premiere where #4 then reappeared. #5 was then missing again from a premiere in which she herself starred in her own role as well as a stand-in for #1.

With internet chat already aflame with controversy on all three instalments of the new trilogy the studio heads intervened to prevent any scandal from leaking.  The dynamic between #4 & #5 was apparent in their one public appearance together.  Notable that one director, consulting closely with #1 in script and scene work, put the two actors together whenever possible whereas once permission was secured for the studio to use #1’s likeness, another director kept the two characters apart to the point where he tried to write #5’s role out altogether.

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