Saturday, October 30, 2021

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

A number of decades ago, two bands from the same country were touring together. Both bands took their names from different pieces of music.

Band #A was the headliner and was already established having had several modest hits that would grow over time.  They still tour and record to this day but it is now just the two permanent songwriting members.  Fans and critics would probably say that this band is underrated in terms of the amount of good music they have put out.

Band #B had just put out their first record.  They would go on to have a few hits and are strongly associated with this decade. Recently, the original members reunited.

While touring together, the singer of band #B had been getting on the nerves of this big, burly heavy drinking member of band #A who is no longer in Band #A.  Things finally came to a head in a Southern city where the angry drunk band #A member held the band #B singer's head underwater in a swimming pool until he was unconscious. A life guard had to do CPR.  When he came to, the singer's first question was about the state of his hair.   

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