Thursday, November 18, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Convenient - Anniversary Month

This actress is foreign born. She has a franchise that moved from television to movies and has the most secret love life. In a way, she will tell you she is extremely lucky that she is able to use something from her past, to keep people asking about her love life. At the time our encounter happened, I didn't know her because I hadn't seen the show which made her famous. I knew of the show, but had never seen it. I was at a club with some friends and was fairly bored. I was thinking about heading back to the house where everyone had parked their cars. I was about to leave when two women with British accents came up to me and said they had no money and asked if I wanted to buy them a drink. Why not. I buy them a drink and the next thing I know, they are sitting at a table making out. Making out is almost too mild of a term for what they were doing. Judging by the growing interest in what the pair were doing, I think many of us would not have been surprised if they took it many steps further right then and there. They would drain their drinks and ask if they could have another and then get right back to doing what they were doing. It never happened to me before and never since. I'm fairly sure the other dozen or so people who witnessed it would say the same.

I honestly can't remember what month it happened, but probably late summer. Fast forward a few months to January. It is Golden Globes time and I am in my award season brunch hangout seeing what I can see. It is a buffet, so I am moving from station to station looking for food and also looking at many of the men and women who are eating the same buffet but already full on dressed to leave for the award shows. Others, who get to arrive later, are still in regular clothes. I saw a woman getting a steamed dumpling and thought she looked familiar. During those buffets, that was not an unusual sensation. It is taking that thought and then going through your memory until you can identify the person. I was drawing a blank. I wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing and we bumped into each other and both said sorry. I heard her voice. Boom. I was back to the summer and that bar and that voice. I looked and then looked again, and I was sure. The problem is I still didn't know who she was or if she was an actress or a publicist or what. I watched where she went and at her table were two other actresses. I didn't know that at the time and didn't recognize them. Then, a stroke of genius. An actor walked up to them and they all knew him and I knew who he was and I went to his IMDb page so fast. I saw what show he was starring in and then went down the list of cast and there was my actress. 

I had a name and I had a face and I had quite the little tale to turn into a blind item. So, imagine my surprise when she supposedly ended up with a boyfriend/fiancé, which flew in the face of what I had seen in person. Everything I learned about her was that she had never in her life dated a man, but here she was, supposedly head over heels in love. It was the perfect situation. When he ended up leaving her under fairly novel circumstances, it gave her an excuse to never discuss her love life again.  

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