Friday, January 28, 2022

Four For Friday - What Happened To?

#1 - This reality star from a long running modeling show was all set to make her acting debut in a comic universe, but when she wouldn't sleep with this now disgraced director, he told everyone not to hire her and all she managed to land were some small daytime roles.

#2 - This actress reached A- list at one point and won a bunch of awards. It was pretty much flash in the pan stuff. She had a unique look that no one wants. In her last decent sized project a few years back, she said that this former A+ list mostly movie actor offered her four or five times what she was making on the film if she would have sex with him. She declined, and he called her a w**re every time he saw her for the rest of filming.

#3 - This foreign born one hit wonder walked away from music because he made way more money as a prosperity pastor.

#4 - This actress actually ended up having somewhat of a career, despite something happening which should have put her into the whatever happened to pile. She was on a daytime show and a writer had been hitting on her and she didn't appreciate it and the writer decided to get revenge on her by writing her off the show. She then attacked the writer and slapped him and had to be escorted off the property by security. 

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