Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Hanger On

Usually a hanger on is someone unknown or lower on the ladder than the person they are always shadowing. This is a very unique situation. This actress is foreign born and has been accused in the past of working for an intelligence service for the country where she lives, but not her birth country. Our actress is probably A- list at this point and has been in a franchise. Prior to becoming an actress she was an A list dancer and traveled the world with the biggest names in music. It was during one of those tours that the allegations were first made that she was using her cover as a dancer to spy for the country where she lives. She managed to extricate herself from that situation but never went on another tour again and went into acting.

As she has climbed up the ladder to where she is now, she has befriended multiple actresses who are lower on the list. She is seemingly everywhere with them all the time and even tries to work on the same projects they do or at least have the same shooting schedule and locations so she can be around. Her ex boyfriend said he was encouraged to sleep with the actresses if he wanted to. He did so for a little while, but thought the whole thing was strange and left our actress. I asked Bani whether the actress was the middleman so to speak between interested parties and he said no. His best guess was that she was recruiting actresses who are extremely attractive to be used without their knowledge, for blackmail against others and to have actresses working in different countries to do the things our actress used to to.

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