Friday, January 07, 2022

Four For Friday - Celebrity Offspring

Each of these offspring of celebrities have reached at least A-/B+ list status.

#1 - This actress reached A list and has been married for decades and still never had sex with her husband. She has orally serviced him several times over the years.

#2 - This actress reached A list and has been married multiple times. When she was still way underage, her boyfriend at the time tied her to a bed so a half dozen of his friends could have sex with her. She has vacillated between saying it was consensual and rape. In any event, she later married the boyfriend who did it.

#3 - When this B+ list actress and I am really pushing it with that, but all of you know who she is, was having sex a few years ago with her then boyfriend, her sister would often like to watch.

#4 - This actor is also stretching the B+ list limit, but all of you know him. He once threw a guy off a cruise ship as a joke. The guy lived, but only because the cruise ship was about to dock and had slowed down and was in a harbor.

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