Monday, January 03, 2022

Today's Blind Items - That Is A Coming Out

Two actors, both of whom have always been locked in the closet, have got married. Fans have always wondered about the two actors. One is foreign born and has won awards for his looks and his acting. A solid A- lister. The other actor is much younger than our first actor, but they have been inseparable since being introduced. Our younger actor is probably B+ list, but if you have never seen either of the two shows he is most known for, than you probably have no idea who he is. That will change when a certain movie hits screens sometime very late this year. The pair invited friends and family for a destination wedding, and the pair got married. It was a civil ceremony in that country and will need to be done again here in the US. With everyone there for the wedding, you would think they would want to control the narrative, so there has to be some type of announcement coming.

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