Friday, February 25, 2022

Four For Friday - We Don't Talk About

#1 - This foreign born A- list actress will talk about her relationship with the late night actor but not that he was also hooking up with her offspring.

#2 - This long time game show fixture will talk about all of her past relationships except the one with that at the time A list mostly television actor and how he threatened to revenge porn her if she mentioned their affair to his wife.

#3 - This former A list mostly television actor on an iconic show is someone all of you know. He talks about many of his relationships and his drug use, but never seems to talk about the very very young athlete he got hooked on coke or this former A- list actress who crashed and burned out of her career because he introduced her to coke. She has a label on this site.

#4 - This foreign born A list mostly movie actor from a long running franchise, talks about his wife all the time, but not one of his children who is gay and who the actor disowned.

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