Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Escape

When it happened, it just seemed like a typical celebrity breakup. Because neither member of the couple was A+ list, there was not that much public information about it. Later, if you were interested in either one of them enough, there was some blurb about how the actor boyfriend had been too controlling over the life of the actress girlfriend. That was it. Nothing else. The a couple of months later, a little more came out about the boyfriend, but was really hushed up by his people. 

If you speak with the actress now about what happened, she will tell you that she was lucky to escape the relationship with her life. I think every actress who has ever dated the actor or been involved with him or alone with him, feels the same way. It is why it is shocking he is actually married. Every day I expect to read that his wife has died or been killed. 

Our actress said she was kept prisoner in the house they shared. She had no idea how violent or scary he was until they moved in together. Our actress was A- list at the time and is a little lower now, although most people know her name. Our actor was A- list then and now. The couple had done a movie together and were supposed to be promoting it. After a beating, she was unable to go promote it. She thinks she was beaten so she wouldn't be able to go out and interact with other people because he wouldn't be able to control it. He was still obligated to promote the movie though and had a talk show appearance. He would be gone no longer than a couple of hours. He left the home as late as possible and would be home within a few minutes of the ending of the show. 

He set the alarm to the house when he left and had cameras set up on the outside. She wasn't sure if there were any inside the house. She had one backpack and a small suitcase she filled with everything she could carry because she knew there would not be a chance to ever come back and collect any other possessions. He kept the large suitcases locked together in the garage. She called a co-star on a television show she was not really even friends with but knew he had multiple guns. He pulled up outside and our actress ran to the car and never looked back. She changed her phone number and says that the actor is the most evil person she has ever met. 

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